Quality is found in the details

When you want something built, you want it built right - with materials that will continue to last and look good for years to come. At R.J. Morrison Custom Carpentry Ltd. we strive everyday to continually improve on what we've done in the past. Our customers tell us it's working!

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Our Services


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We build homes that we want to live in and give a lot of love to the little details that you care about. From start to finish you can expect clear and timely communication as we work with you to build the home of your dreams. You will be impressed by our friendliness, attention to detail, and ability to manage your project.


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Renovations often hold hidden surprises as carpenters begin opening up walls. With over a decade of experience we’ve gotten pretty good at anticipating obstacles. You’ll be impressed by the fully detailed estimate you receive, the friendliness of our crew and the quality of our workmanship.


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You live in an extremely harsh environment for nearly half of the year and you’ve seen your power bill at the end of each month. The reason your house is leaking heat is really simple: code built houses are not sufficiently insulated for Canadian weather and they are not air-tight. A Passive House uses significantly more insulation and advanced building practices to build a house that does not require any other heat source than the Sun. You don’t think you can afford this but you can.